We want your vehicle! Get the best value for your trade-in!
How to Sell :
  1. Bidders must register prior to entering auction. MCAA conducts its public vehicle auctions through its registered auction lot. To participate, please register and obtain your bidders badge at the auction house prior to the sale. There is no registration fee.
  2. Preview Your Vehicles (begins at 10:00AM): We have four and a half acres full of vehicles. Familiarize yourself with all the vehicles you are seeking. MCAA highly recommends that buyers check out their prospective vehicles, either prior to the start of the auction or at the auction house's Inspection Day. With hundreds of vehicles for sale, you should allow at least one or two hours to inspect your selections. Also, be prepared to bid on several alternatives in case your first choice is bought by someone else. The public is allowed “hands on” access to all automobiles. You are welcome to bring a mechanic to check out the vehicle. Open the doors, sit in the interior, lift the hood and check the engine.
  3. Set Your Target Price: You may want to calculate the anticipated price for your vehicle through the use of readily available pricing guides such as NADA or Kelly Blue Book Used Car Guides.
  4. Auction: Our auctions begin at 11am and 2pm every Saturday. It continues until all the vehicles have been through the auction block.
  5. Bid on Vehicle: When your vehicle enters the front of the line in the auction area, and is up to the auction block… the bidding begins.
  6. Bidders' Deposit: When your bid has been accepted, you must leave a $300 deposit at he the auction block. MCAA only accepts cash or certified funds. Your purchase isn’t solidified until you have made the cash or certified check deposit, at the auction block.
  7. Finalize: If you have made a deposit on one or more vehicles, you must go to front office to finalize your purchase price. (This includes price of your purchase, auction fees, sales tax, plate and title fees).
  8. Purchase: You may complete your purchase the same day or by the next business day no later than 7pm. No cancellations. Purchases must be paid with cash or certified funds ONLY. NO PERSONAL CHECKS ACCEPTED PLEASE.
  9. Documentation: All documentation will be prepared by MCAA staff. You will not need to register with the Secretary of State, etc. MCAA will expedite the submittal of all paperwork required to finalize your purchase(s).
Buy Auction Fees
The buyer will be charged an Auction Fee according to the chart below:
Selling Price Range Fee's Assessed
> $99 $80
$100 - $299 $115
$300 - $699 $125
$700 - $999 $155
$1,000 - $1,499 $195
$1,500 - $1,999 $225
$2,000 - $2,999 $245
$3,000 - $3,999 $260
$4,000 - $4,999 $285
$5,000 - $6,999 $295
$7,000 - $7,999 $325
$8,000 - $9,999 $365
$10,000 + $425

Additional Buyer Fees: The above, minimal fees only include the auction fee. Refular documentation, state and Federal fees and taxes also apply.
Example of Fees
Applied to a purchase
Purchased Bid & Price $2,800.00
Administration Fee $95.00
6% Michigan Tax $173.70
New Title Fee $15.00
Plate Transfer Fee $8.00
Auction Fee $245.00
Total $3,336.70
Less Deposit $300
Balance $3,036.70